Attack Ads Take Over Alaska’s Senate Race

Alaska’s U.S. Senate race is becoming more contentious as Democratic incumbent Mark Begich goes negative.

Begich was elected to Congress in 2009 and votes the party line almost every time.

Begich’s Republican opponent, former Marine and Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan, is offering the state’s voters an alternative to another Harry Reid "foot soldier." Sullivan accused Begich of launching attack ads against him to deflect from the senator’s partisan voting record.

"The reason that they’re running these negative ads is because Mark Begich doesn’t have a record to run on," Sullivan said. "When you vote with Barack Obama 97 percent of the time, when you are one of Harry Reid's loyal foot soldiers, in the Harry Reid Senate leadership, you don't brag about that in Alaska because you'll lose."

Recent polls from Real Clear Politics show Sullivan leads Begich by one point.