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He Endorsed Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Then He Landed a Professorship at Columbia University.

Mohamed Abdou said he was 'with Hamas' just days before joining Ivy League school

February 27, 2024

This Palestinian School Hosts Hamas Military Parades. It Also Hosts Webinars With Professors From Top US Universities.

Birzeit University’s Right to Education Campaign seeks to build ‘tactics of focused resistance’

February 26, 2024

Pink Floyd Frontman's Nazi Uniform Was No Big Deal, Penn's Anti-Semitic Cartoonist Says

‘They call Waters an antisemite for dressing up in a leather jacket,’ lecturer Dwayne Booth said in interview with socialist site

February 21, 2024

Chair of Harvard University History Department Belongs to Group Behind Grotesque Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Sidney Chalhoub pledged to support 'Palestinian liberation' as part of Harvard Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine

February 20, 2024

‘Run by the Mob’: How Anti-Semites Took Over Stanford’s Campus

Jewish students say they have been harassed and threatened as anti-Semitic protesters camp out on campus green

February 16, 2024

Penn Administrators, Professors Rally Around Anti-Semitic Cartoonist

Faculty union threatens to investigate Ivy League school if Dwayne Booth is punished

February 15, 2024

MIT Suspends Anti-Israel Student Group Over Unsanctioned Protests

After skirting discipline last fall, MIT Coalition Against Apartheid can no longer organize on campus

February 14, 2024

MIT Leaders Assembled a Faculty Advisory Group on Campus Anti-Semitism. Then They Ignored It.

Jewish faculty members disband group after school freezes them out of 'Standing Together Against Hate' event

February 14, 2024