Collin Anderson

Dem Senate Hopefuls Mum on Historic Israel-U.A.E. Peace Deal

Trump’s historic peace accord met with silence by Democratic candidates

Israeli flag March Takes Place During Jerusalem DayDemocratic Senate hopefuls are remaining silent about the Trump administration’s Thursday announcement that it had brokered a historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, highlighting the party’s refusal to give the president credit for striking a deal that previous administrations could not achieve.

Amy McGrath Habitually Failed to Pay Property Taxes

Local authorities fined Kentucky Dem for back taxes six times in five years

Kentucky Democratic Senate nominee Amy McGrath was penalized for delinquent property tax payments on her expensive home in the Washington, D.C., suburbs six times in five years, local real estate records show.

Blackburn, Rubio Blast NBA for Covering Up Chinese Training Center Abuse

'History will not judge kindly those who remained silent or were complicit in the Chinese Communist Party's human rights abuses'

Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.) and Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) accused the NBA of being complicit in "Chinese state-sanctioned abuse of children" after the league misled lawmakers on its training academy in Xinjiang, China.

Staffers Sue Billionaire Dem Tom Steyer

Dem billionaire faces suit under labor law championed by his allies

Tom SteyerFormer staffers of Tom Steyer's failed presidential campaign filed a lawsuit accusing the Democratic billionaire of violating their labor rights, state filings show.

Pro-Greenfield ‘Small Biz Owner’ Is Actually A Dem Official

Greenfield trots out longtime Iowa Dem to defend her controversial business record

Senate contender Theresa Greenfield identified a longtime Democratic activist and former elected official as merely a "small business owner" in a new ad defending the Iowa Democrat's controversial business record.

Abortion Giants, Soros Propel Wendy Davis Run

Wendy Davis struggles to raise a buck in her own backyard

Failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is relying heavily on out-of-district donors in her bid to unseat Rep. Chip Roy (R., Texas), hauling in max contributions from the Soros family and big-spending national abortion groups.