PEN IS MIGHTY: Journalists to Award Themselves Bezos-Funded ‘Courage’ Award Named After Billionaire Heiress

Democracy thrives in hubris

The Washington Free Beacon regrets to inform you that the journalists are at it again. The White House Correspondents' Association, a pro-journalism activist group responsible for hosting the appropriately dubbed "nerd prom" dinner party, announced Friday the creation of a new journalism award for "courage and accountability."

The Best Year for Movies in Forever

And the winner is… anything!

The two late entrants into the Oscar race, Little Women and 1917, both scored Best Picture nominations and are both credible possibilities to take the statuette at the awards ceremony in February. That's not only because both of them are good, which they are; Little Women is an emotional knockout (its last hour in particular), while 1917 is a riveting and harrowing thriller, inventively told and staggeringly well-photographed.

Review: Marriage Story

You don’t want to see it. You’re wrong.

I really, really didn't want to see Marriage Story, despite the rapturous reviews and the fact that it’s the work of Noah Baumbach, one of the most interesting writer-directors in America. It turns out I'm not alone.

The 2019 Washington Free Beacon Christmas Gift Guide

polar bear christmas presentDon't worry about how to shop for all the quirky, exceptional, hardworking dynamic team players on your list. Our international brand partners have you covered this Christmas season. Instead of fretting about how to please everyone, choose something from our specially curated list of unimpeachable holiday favorites from the 2019 Washington Free Beacon Christmas Gift Guide.