REVIEW: ‘Run Hide Fight’

Fate has determined that Run Hide Fight follow on the heels of the January 6 attack on the Capitol. This will no doubt color the reactions of most viewers. It’s hard to sit through writer-director Kyle Rankin’s action thriller without noticing numerous points of relevance with the riot at the Capitol. 

2020 Man of the Year: The American Troops

Two-thousand-twenty was a year marked by severe changes. Iran lost two of its top military minds, China unleashed a virus on the world that stopped friends of freedom from enjoying their right to enjoy a beer with their fellow citizens, and Nancy Pelosi upgraded to $20 ice cream to sustain her hard work against the interests of the American people.

2020 Man of the Year: Hooters Mask Dad

There are family restaurants—places like IHOP, Denny's, Cracker Barrel—and then there are family restaurants like Hooters. At least that's where Florida man Steve Golba likes to take his family for fun times in a friendly atmosphere. He also probably likes sinking his teeth into those enormous mounds of hot wings, not to mention those eye-popping nacho platters. And what's wrong with showing support for this family restaurant by having your 11-year-old son wear a Hooters face mask to school?

2020 Man of the Year: JustSomeDude187

Illiteracy remains one of the foremost public policy challenges in the United States. While most people are aware of the plight of disadvantaged youths without access to a decent education, there is also a crisis of adult illiteracy—a crisis that, surprisingly, reaches all the way up to famous, credentialed public figures.