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Israeli Military Officials Warn Biden Against Rejoining Iran Nuke Deal

Current efforts could 'ignite a massive nuclear arms race'

A group of nearly 2,000 Israeli generals, military officials, and Mossad operatives warned the Biden administration on Monday against rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, saying the effort "represents an existential threat to the Jewish State" and will "ignite a massive nuclear arms race" across Middle East.

New Bill Would Mandate Congress Approve Any Sanctions Relief for Iran

Pressure mounts as GOP moves to prevent Biden admin from cutting Congress out of new Iran deal

Iranian flagNew legislation being circulated by Republican Senate leaders would handicap the Biden administration’s renewed diplomacy with Iran by requiring that Congress approve any effort to provide the regime with economic sanctions relief as part of a revamped nuclear deal, according to a copy of the measure obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.

Lawmaker Demands Biden Admin Disclose Secret Iran Talks with China

Rep. Burchett says Biden State Department hiding its Iran diplomacy from Congress

President Biden And Vice President Harris Visit The PentagonIn a letter exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, a Republican member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee is demanding the Biden administration provide Congress with answers about U.S.-Iran envoy Robert Malley's undisclosed talks earlier this month with China about rejoining the 2015 nuclear accord.

Biden Faces First Major Foreign Policy Test in Georgia

Admin urges all sides to deescalate while pro-Russia regime consolidates power

The Georgian government's Tuesday raid on the opposition party's headquarters and arrest of its leader, Nika Melia, threatens to cripple the only democracy in the South Caucasus and is an early foreign policy test for the Biden administration, which has yet to take any concrete action aimed at holding Georgia's pro-Russian government accountable for its crimes.

Twitter Removes Hundreds of Accounts Linked to Iran, Russia, Armenia

Rogue nations waging online disinformation campaigns

Twitter removed on Tuesday nearly 400 accounts that it says were part of "state-linked information operations" controlled by Iran, Russia, and Armenia. These accounts sought to influence the 2020 presidential election and surreptitiously promote information favorable to both the Russian and Armenian governments.

Biden Admin Snubs GOP Leaders on New Iran Diplomacy

State Dept says Iran envoy Malley has engaged Congress; GOP leaders say he has yet to meet with them.

The Biden administration says it is ready for direct negotiations with Iran but has not consulted with any Republican foreign policy leaders in Congress, despite public statements claiming otherwise.