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TikTok CEO Won't Say Whether Company Could Be Forced To Give Data to China

Chinese law mandates companies to cooperate with its intelligence agencies

March 24, 2023

Biden Admin Greenlights Sanctions Waiver That Allows Iraq To Pay Iran Millions for Electricity

Waiver signed day after administration officials denied Iran's claim that Tehran was set to receive $500 million thanks to waiver

March 24, 2023

Why Xi and Putin's 'No Limits Partnership' Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Biden

Both dictators 'share an intense hostility to the United States and our way of life,' expert says

March 23, 2023

Congress Presses Europe To Designate Iran's Military as a Terror Group

'IRGC clearly presents a threat to the EU and our collective security,' Republican senators say

March 23, 2023

Woke Diversity Training Helps Soldiers Feel 'Included,' Military Officials Say

Comes as Republicans accuse Biden admin of promoting divisive social policies in armed forces

March 22, 2023
Antony Blinken

Congress Threatens To Subpoena Blinken for Blocking Investigation Into Bungled Afghanistan Withdrawal

With Republicans in control of House, Afghanistan evacuation has emerged as a top priority

March 21, 2023