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A Harsh Reality

REVIEW: 'Cue the Sun! The Invention of Reality TV' by Emily Nussbaum

July 14, 2024

The Democrats' No-Win Scenario

Column: A divided, demoralized party slouches toward November

July 11, 2024

King George's Royal Decree

Democrats aren't concerned the president can't do the job, they’re worried he can't win.

A Tale of Two Universities

Harvard and the University of Florida take divergent paths in dealing with lawbreaking students

Repairing the Road to the White House

REVIEW: 'The Primary Solution: Rescuing Our Democracy from the Fringes' by Nick Troiano

July 7, 2024

Paint Me Like One of Your Generals

REVIEW: 'Glorious Lessons: John Trumbull, Painter of the American Revolution' by Richard Brookhiser

July 7, 2024

Patrick Stewart Is Ready To Engage

REVIEW: ‘Making It So: A Memoir’ by Patrick Stewart

July 7, 2024
money cash

Show Me the Dark Money

REVIEW: ‘Arabella: The Dark Money Network of Leftist Billionaires Secretly Transforming America’ by Scott Walter

July 5, 2024

For Pascal, It’s No Mystery

REVIEW: ‘A Summer with Pascal’ by Antoine Compagnon

June 30, 2024