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The ‘Coffee Boy’ Makes Peace in the Middle East

Trump's negotiators buck the wisdom that led to decades of bipartisan failure

Foreign Affairs Minister of Bahrain Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Foreign Affairs Minister of the United Arab Emirates Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan participate in the signing ceremony of the Abraham AccordsWhen Avi Berkowitz was elevated to a top negotiating position on President Donald Trump's Middle East peace team, the appointment of the 29-year-old was met with near-universal derision by so-called experts and the mainstream press.

Rule or Riot

Democrats have a plan: threaten their way into the White House

riot riotIf the idea of a November spent hunkered down at home with mass protests and violence again roiling the streets sounds appealing, don't worry: The left has a plan for that.

The TikTok Derangement Syndrome

The media's hatred of Trump is blinding them to a real national security threat

TikTokTo understand business in China, look to the demise of Neihan Duanzi, a popular joke-sharing app shuttered by authorities in 2018 for "indecent" content. Rather than protesting, the CEO of Neihan Duanzi-owner ByteDance, Zhang Yiming, issued a groveling apology for creating "content that goes against socialist core values" and failing to "direct public opinion in the right way."

The New War on Merit

The left calls for racial quotas in the name of progress 

Feds Attempt To Intervene After Weeks Of Violent Protests In PortlandThe American dream is that any citizen, regardless of sex, race, creed, or color, can rise on his determination and merit. History is littered with examples of the reformers who worked to realize that dream, pushing the most influential institutions in the country to prize talent and hard work over wealth and connections.

A Tale of Two Arsonists

Among the dozens of anarchists arrested over the past two months, few have gotten a more vociferous defense from the anti-police left than Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, two "public interest" lawyers accused of firebombing a police car.