Men Of The Year 2020

The Free Beacon's 2020 Men of the Year awards will be revealed between December 24 and December 31.

2020 Man of the Year: Doc Antle

Doc AntleDoc Antle is a throwback to the times when men were men, and even though he was a minor character in Tiger King, the good people at Netflix deserve credit for highlighting the way he ordered his affairs by dominating the natural order.

2020 Man of the Year: Jake Tapper

Few journalists in the nation's capital are unaware of Jake Tapper's equanimity and composure. Most have even been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the direct messages, tapped out on a cell phone, often during commercial breaks, that inevitably and invariably uplift the recipient.

2020 Man of the Year: Chris Cuomo

Like most children born to famous politicians, Chris Cuomo is an unexceptional human being. His most notable accomplishment, if you can call it that, is not becoming a crack-addled sex maniac turned "artist" like Hunter Biden, his classmate at Yale Law School and a 2019 Free Beacon Man of the Year.

2020 Man of the Year: The Baboon Who Fled His Vasectomy

UAE-baboonSydney zookeepers scheduled a baboon for a vasectomy but their plans were cut short. The incident occurred last February when a male baboon and his two female companions were en route to an animal facility at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. After monkeying around with a broken truck lock, the baboons made their escape to freedom and through a car park, with onlookers taking video.

2020 Man of the Year: MAGA Matt Yglesias

You know how it goes: You oppose defunding the cops, and a million rose emojis scream at you for hours. You sign a letter tepidly endorsing free speech, and your colleagues denounce you to your bosses and Twitter. The company you founded gets overrun by campus communists, so you quit to blog from your basement.

2020 Man of the Year: Jared Leto

Jared LetoThis year will be remembered for all the things it was lacking, but there was one man who was a day late and a toilet paper roll short to the coronavirus arrival. 2020 brought many unforeseen events including: rapper Kanye West running for president of the United States; playboy actor Zac Efron dating a barista; and retired actor and American treasure Rick Moranis getting punched in the face. But this was all outweighed by Jared Leto, who was completely oblivious to the global pandemic.

2020 Man of The Year: Rep. Jeff Van Drew

Rep. Jeff Van DrewIn the waning days of 2019, congressman Jeff Van Drew renounced his membership in the Democratic Party and joined the Republicans. Derided as a traitor by his former colleagues and cast as politically inept by the media, Van Drew was given little chance to win reelection to his New Jersey seat in 2020.

2020 Man of the Year: MAGA Larry David

MAGA Larry DavidThe MAGA hat is this century's peace sign—a beautiful red signal to other normal-thinking Americans that logical discourse is an option. The guy in the red hat isn't going to give you grief for the carbon footprint of your new Ford Gas-Guzzler F3000 or the decision to gender it with the fresh set of camo Truck Nutz you slapped on it. When the possibility of altercation presents itself, as it often does in these tense times, a MAGA hat could be the great diffuser.

2020 Man of the Year: Woke Capitalists

eat the richNothing is more truly American than the pursuit of a good old U.S. dollar. In 2020, few were more patriotic than the consultants, organizers, and professional scolds who earned big bucks calling America and capitalism irredeemably racist, sexist, and downright mean.

2020 Man of the Year: Brian Fallon

Brian FallonNot just any Democratic operative can successfully flush tens of millions of dollars from the wealthiest libs down the toilet day after day, month after month, with not even accidental victories to point to along the way. To pull that off, Democrats had to look to former Hillary Clinton flack Brian Fallon.

2020 Men of the Year: The Experts

We were just three weeks into 2020 when Tom Cotton, the Republican senator from Arkansas, implored the country to take the Wuhan coronavirus seriously. The "experts" told us he was out of his mind—there was only a "minuscule" risk of the virus in the United States. "Not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about," they said. It was xenophobic fear-mongering for President Donald Trump to restrict travel from China.

2020 Man of the Year: Brant Walker

Brant WalkerWhile big-name Democrats across the country evaded their own stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic to keep up their elitist lifestyles, one midwestern mayor’s commitment to the rule of law likely landed him a few nights on the couch after he directed police to charge his wife for violating statewide shutdown rules.

2020 Man of the Year: Cal Cunningham

Democrats in North Carolina have a habit of nominating horny lawyers to serve in the U.S. Senate. It came back to haunt them in 2020, all but shattering the party's dreams of unified government. For this reason, failed Senate candidate Cal Cunningham (D., N.C.) is a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

2020 Man of the Year: Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle RittenhouseWhen Antifa and BLM came to ravage your city, what did you do? Some seized their chance to loot the nearest Walmart. Others watched helplessly as Democratic mayors and governors let their own communities burn. But among us there are patriots—righteous men of action. Kyle Rittenhouse is one such man.

2020 Man of the Year: Jeffrey Toobin

Jeffrey ToobinAmong journalists, Jeffrey Toobin put himself in the pole position. He steadily rose to prominence as a staff writer for the New Yorker, and when the O.J. Simpson trial convened, he milked it for all it was worth. Toobin exploded onto the New York Times bestseller list with The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

2020 Men of the Year: Men

American women have enjoyed almost unprecedented prosperity since Barack Obama left office in disgrace. Thanks to President Donald J. Trump's unique brand of empathetic leadership, the U.S. women's soccer team won the World Cup, while dozens of journalists and other Democrats were jailed, publicly shamed, or framed for suicide after being exposed as serial sex villains.