Trump and Other Real Heroes Snubbed as Biden, Harris Share 'Person of the Year' Honors

December 11, 2020

For the fourth consecutive year, President Donald J. Trump was robbed of his rightful place on the cover of TIME magazine's "Person of the Year" issue.

The once-relevant publication didn't have to choose Trump, who won the honor after defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has deserved it every year of his presidency. There was an abundance of other worthy heroes the magazine could have celebrated for their achievements in 2020.

What about the frontline health care workers who, like Trump, put their lives on the line every day to combat a global pandemic? What about the scientists who, under Trump's leadership, invented a revolutionary vaccine in record time? What about Trump's children, who supported him every step of the way? What about the troops?

TIME decided to go in a different direction, however, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were collectively named Person of the Year for "changing America's story," whatever that means. It's not like they did anything heroic. Trump, on the other hand, personally defeated COVID-19 within his own body, and practically invented a vaccine for everyone else.

Biden's achievements in 2020, physical and otherwise, are underwhelming by comparison. He had cosmetic surgery, struggled to overcome his cognitive decline, and broke his foot while attempting to play with his dog. If he can survive for a few more weeks, he will become the oldest president to be sworn into office.

Harris, on the other hand, wowed the media in 2020 by wearing trendy shoes. She is the first former lover of 2019 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year Willie Brown to win a national election. She will also be the second person of color to serve as vice president.

And journalists wonder why so many people think they're out of touch.