Everything You Need to Know About Kamala’s Niece, Resistance Grifter Meena Harris

The extremely online purveyor of 'woke' apparel has problematic ties to Big Tech

"Ambition runs in the Harris family," said Jenna Bush Hager during a recent Today Show interview with Meena Harris, the 36-year-old niece of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. No argument there. It's why Joe Biden's team was skeptical about choosing Kamala as a running mate, and it's why Meena's "woke" apparel company, Phenomenal, will print the word "ambitious" on a sweatshirt for $59.

Trump’s Surrender Leaves GOP Leadership Void Only One Man Can Fill

The Republican Party needs a fighter who knows how to win

Donald Trump promised the American people that by the end of his first term in office they would be "tired of winning." Four years later, having won very little, Trump himself has grown tired of fighting and surrendered the White House to Joe Biden after conceding the election.

Look Out, Pete: There’s a Younger, Hotter White Dude Rising Up the Democratic Party Ladder

Pete Buttigieg, 38, could be forgiven for thinking he was the youngest, hottest white dude working his way up the Democratic Party ladder. Despite a weak resume comprising a failed presidential campaign, a failed campaign for DNC chairman, and an eight-year tenure as mayor of Indiana's fourth-largest city, Buttigieg was recently nominated to head the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Trump Delivers Another Historic Victory for African Americans

Warnock wins Senate runoff in Georgia as Trump vows to help make Stacey Abrams governor in 2022

President Donald Trump has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to cast aside partisan interests in pursuit of other, far nobler achievements. His recent efforts in Georgia, for example, helped Raphael Warnock become the first black Democrat to represent a southern state in the U.S. Senate. (Tim Scott, a Republican, has represented South Carolina since 2013.)