As World Struggles to Contain COVID-19, Malaysia Offers Bold Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic may have started in China, but its effects are being felt the world over. Authorities struggling to contain the virus have proposed a variety of solutions aimed at preventing its spread. But while many governments have confined citizens to their homes during the crisis, few have offered guidance on how to behave in quarantine.

Flouting Guidelines, Flaunting Privilege: RBG Enjoys Private Gym Sessions While the Rest of Us Are Stuck at Home

87-year-old Supreme Court justice risks it all for gainz

The 87-year-old justice is in the highest-risk demographic for serious illness and death from coronavirus, but that hasn't stopped her from getting swoll on the reg with personal trainer Bryant Johnson, who has canceled all appointments with other clients to satisfy Ginsburg's fitness demands.

Happy 80th Birthday, Nancy Pelosi!

House Speaker joins highest-risk age demographic for coronavirus fatality

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) celebrated her 80th birthday on Thursday as the American people continue to await House action on the Senate-passed $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. Most would agree that she doesn't look a day older than 79.

ANALYSIS: The Journos Are Out of Control

Only Trump can save us from the media pandemic

The China-caused coronavirus is sweeping the globe, and America's journalists are losing their minds. In fact, they are dangerously out of control, according to the results of a Washington Free Beacon analysis.