Neera Tanden Is Right: The U.S. Media Are Out of Control

Journos have consistently worked to advance the interests of brutal authoritarians and their left-wing sycophants

Neera Tanden, a Democratic Party thought leader who once praised the "moral compunction" of the Chinese government, holds some pretty odious political views. When it comes to the American media, however, she is dead right.

WATCH: Unhinged Joe Biden Attacks the Free Press, Democracy Itself

Joe BidenAs the professional journalists in the mainstream media are constantly reminding us, criticizing the media is akin to condoning violence against a vulnerable class of hardworking Americans who desire nothing more than to pursue the Truth and sell books about the perils of being a journalist. An attack on the media is an attack on democracy itself.

UPDATE: Biden Has Gone 543 Days Without a Boat Parade

President Donald J. Trump continues to dominate former vice president Joe Biden on the issues that matter to real voters. He is the more experienced candidate. He has served as president for four years, compared to Biden's zero, and has contracted and defeated COVID-19, whereas Biden has not. More importantly, Trump holds a decisive edge in terms of the frequency and enthusiasm of his boat parades.

NEWS FLASH: Jeffrey Toobin Still Can’t Keep It in His Pants

CNN analyst granted 'time off while he deals with a personal issue' after exposing himself on Zoom call

Jeffrey Toobin, the New Yorker staff writer who also serves as chief legal analyst for CNN, is facing an array of repercussions after exposing his genitals on a work-related Zoom call last week.

Joe Biden Vows to ‘Finish Strong’ From Secluded Basement

'Experience gap' continues to haunt former VP who refuses to contract COVID-19

Former vice president Joe Biden on Monday vowed to "finish strong" in the final weeks of the 2020 election. That same morning, the Biden campaign released a schedule with no public events before the final presidential debate on Thursday night.