Andrew Stiles

Impeachment Hearings Produce Shocking Evidence of Moral Corruption

Bombshell document suggests Washington, D.C., a cesspool of bitter libs

Impeachment hearings taking place on Capitol Hill on Wednesday produced shocking evidence of moral corruption in the nation's capital. A number of Twitter users expressed dismay after a bombshell document related to the House impeachment inquiry was posted on the popular social networking website.

San Francisco Gets The Leader It Deserves

Meet District Attorney Chesa Boudin: Bill Ayers prodigy, Hugo Chávez aide, public urination advocate

The biography of San Francisco's newly elected district attorney reads like a shallow parody authored by a right-wing Andy Borowitz. Consider, for example, the following facts about Chesa Boudin, the 39-year-old attorney who narrowly won the race to become the city's top prosecutor:

Gorka Owned, Analysis Finds

American hero Nikki Haley DESTROYS Seb Gorka on Twitter

Former White House aide Dr. Sebastian Gorka was brutally owned on Twitter, a Washington Free Beacon analysis has found.

More Good News for Hillary Clinton

Senate impeachment trial likely to disrupt campaign schedules of leading primary candidates

Hillary Clinton has refused to rule out another run for president in 2020. Her former goon Philippe Reines has said she "might be the best person" to beat Trump, despite her previous failed attempt in 2016. Beto O'Rourke has already dropped out, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) is struggling to stay afloat. A recent poll suggests Democratic voters are still Ready for Hillary. What is she waiting for?

Nonprofit Health Org at Center of ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ Controversy Is Run by (Highly Paid) Democratic Donors

Dignity Health billed its own employee $898,984 for her premature baby, denied appeals until ProPublica started asking questions

Top executives at Dignity Health, the nonprofit health care provider that stuck its own employee with a $900,000 bill for her premature baby, have donated extensively to Democratic candidates and committees over the years.

Dance Legend Sean Spicer Causes Bitter Libs to Lose Faith in Democracy

Trump haters denounce 'popular vote' as public support propels beloved former press secretary to victory

Sean Spicer must be getting tired of winning. The beloved former White House press secretary advanced to the next round on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday thanks to the overwhelming support of the voting public.

IT’S HAPPENING: Democratic Voters Are Ready for Hillary, Poll Finds

She's tied for first place with Joe Biden in recent survey

Democratic primary voters are "Ready for Hillary," according to the results of a recent Harvard-Harris national poll, which found that twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would tie for first place with Joe Biden if she were to join the underwhelming field of candidates vying to face Donald Trump in 2020.