Andrew Stiles

Cal Cunningham’s Problematic Ties to Shady Super PAC

Cal Cunningham, the Democrat running for Senate in North Carolina, has a narrow campaign platform: He served in the military (as a lawyer), opposes corruption, and is pro-democracy. The millions of dollars he's receiving in outside campaign contributions, however, don't seem to bother him.

I Forced A Bot to Write an Amy Coney Barrett Story Based on Media Reporting and This Was the Result

Using advanced algorithmic technology purchased on the dark web, the Washington Free Beacon has created a bot capable of performing journalism at a professional level. This week, we forced the bot to review media reports on Amy Coney Barrett, the frontrunner to be President Donald Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, and asked it to write its own report based on that analysis. Here is the result.

Anti-Racism Expert Robin DiAngelo Snubbed by TIME 100 List

'White Fragility' author became a leading voice on why all white people are racist

Every year Time magazine identifies the 100 "most influential people" in the world. The 2020 version of this list, published Wednesday, contains what some might call a glaring omission.