Donald Trump

Trump-Era Journos: Will America Ever Be Worthy of Their Sacrifice?

Hero explains how covering Donald Trump was as 'thrilling' as 'storming Omaha Beach'

Will Americans ever be worthy of the sacrifices our nation's journalists made during the Great War for Truth? Will we ever be able to comprehend the courage it takes to publish a bestselling book after the president called you a bad name? Or the sheer terror of staring down a White House intern who has been ordered to confiscate your microphone during a nationally televised press conference?

Lincoln Project Rocked by Trumpian Levels of Scandal, Disarray

Sinking ship: Three cofounders cut ties before John Weaver allegations came to light

The Lincoln Project looks an awful lot like the Trump administration these days. The controversial Super PAC, ostensibly dedicated to restoring decency in American politics, is struggling to contain the fallout of a disturbing sex scandal as a growing number of founding members seek to distance themselves from the group.