Donald Trump

Combat Vet Senator Accused of ‘Betraying the Troops’

Liberal media pounce on Cotton defense of Trump’s Iran comments

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) was targeted Sunday for comments in defense of President Donald Trump, who had earlier been accused of downplaying Iran’s retaliation for the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, in which no Americans were killed.

THE ENDORSEMENT: Melania and Ivanka Trump (and Tiffany)

America's best choices for First Lady in 2020

American voters must choose between two sharply divergent visions for the future. Option A is freedom and prosperity, as embodied by the historically successful incumbent president, Donald J. Trump. Option B is the apocalyptic nightmare that would descend upon the American heartland in the unlikely event that any of the remaining Democratic candidates is elected.

Review: ‘Restoring Our Republic’ by Ned Ryun

A libtard's history of the United States

Devoting hours of one's life to reading a book is an extraordinary commitment, especially in this modern age of digital distraction. The very least one can ask of a book is that it won't lower one's opinion of President Donald J. Trump, the most successful chief executive in American history. Unfortunately, Ned Ryun's Restoring Our Republic fails to clear even this exceedingly low bar.