Donald Trump

Republicans Continue Lead in Fight Against COVID-19

President Donald J. Trump (allegedly) lost reelection to Joe Biden despite the significant "experience gap" between the two candidates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump, for example, personally contracted the virus and cured himself within days, while Biden opted to hide in a basement.

The Conservative Case for a Coup

Real authoritarianism has never been tried in America

Decadence is a helluva drug, and America is addicted. That includes you, dear reader, and everyone you know. Irredeemably possessed of self-infatuation. Pining for the perfect tweet. Smothered in selfie filters. Hanging brain on conference calls. Emotionally invested in "elections" and their "results." Who "won" this time? Who cares? It's time for an intervention.


Trump completes historically successful presidency four years ahead of schedule

Art by Gary LockeJoe Biden might have "won" the 2020 election, in the sense that he got the most "votes," but the biggest winner on Election Night was President Donald J. Trump. Most experts had assumed, for example, that in order to be remembered as a historically successful leader, U.S. presidents needed to serve a full two terms in office. Once again, Donald Trump proved the experts wrong.