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Alec Schemmel is an Investigative Reporter for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from American University in Washington, D.C., where he studied journalism and political science. Alec is originally from Charlotte, N.C., and now lives in Arlington, Va. His email address is

This Palestinian School Hosts Hamas Military Parades. It Also Hosts Webinars With Professors From Top US Universities.

Birzeit University’s Right to Education Campaign seeks to build ‘tactics of focused resistance’

February 26, 2024

MIT Suspends Anti-Israel Student Group Over Unsanctioned Protests

After skirting discipline last fall, MIT Coalition Against Apartheid can no longer organize on campus

February 14, 2024

MIT Leaders Assembled a Faculty Advisory Group on Campus Anti-Semitism. Then They Ignored It.

Jewish faculty members disband group after school freezes them out of 'Standing Together Against Hate' event

February 14, 2024

They Endorsed Hamas Terrorism. Then They Hosted a Big-Ticket Fundraiser for Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush.

'Resistance must not be condemned,' fundraiser host Melina Abdullah's group said on Oct. 9

February 7, 2024

Speaker at MIT’s ‘Standing Together Against Hate' Event Endorsed Hamas Terrorism as Lawful 'Resistance'

Boston University fellow Dalia Mogahed will 'help bring our community together,' MIT says

February 5, 2024

MIT Parents Press School To Address 'Threatening' Anti-Israel Disruptions

One student group has pledged to shut down 'business as usual at MIT' during upcoming semester

January 27, 2024

Anti-Israel Student Group Threatens 'No Business as Usual at MIT' Until Jewish State is Eradicated

With the spring semester weeks away, MIT's Coalition Against Apartheid vows 'even stronger and even bigger' action

January 19, 2024

Biden’s $2 Trillion COVID Bill Made Inflation Worse. Jamaal Bowman Wants To Spend Seven Times as Much on Reparations.

'Where did that money come from? We spent it into existence,' congressman says of Biden's pandemic response

January 18, 2024

California's Public University Employees Demand 'Equity Transformation'—And Threaten To Strike If They Don't Get It

Limits on police powers, regular access to 'gender-inclusive restrooms' included among demands

January 13, 2024

Harvard Students Captured on Film Accosting Israeli Classmate Remain in Good Standing With School, Lawsuit Alleges

'Based on its track record, it is inconceivable that Harvard would allow any group other than Jews to be targeted'

January 11, 2024