History Is Whatever The New York Times Wants It To Be

Reporting on historic gay rights moment doesn't align with reality

New York TimesThe New York Times published a flurry of articles in June celebrating pride month with a particular focus on transgender women of color. Some of the reporting, however, suggested that history and facts don't really matter when it comes to atoning for the "erasure" of marginalized groups.

Mount Rushmore: Once Iconic, Now Canceled

Mount Rushmore has come under fire from liberals in recent weeks for its depiction of presidents who were slaveholders, but before President Donald Trump gave a speech there, it was revered by figures on the left.

This Is What The Swamp Looks Like

Washington Post columnist's birthday Zoom call boasts elite guest list

The political and media professionals who populate our nation's capital don't like it when normal people use words like "swamp" and "incestuous" to describe their hometown and the lucrative industries that dominate it. It's horribly unfair to all the hardworking liberal elites who risk it all every day to shout questions at the president and draft legislation to expand tax credits for solar panels.