2022 Man of the Year: Martha's Vineyard Border Hawks

December 26, 2022

President Joe Biden and his incompetent administration have devoted more resources to punishing border patrol agents based on false accusations than they have to actually securing the southern border. "There are more important things going on," according to Sleepy Joe, who was recently interviewed by Drew Barrymore at the White House. This is exactly what Sen. Mark Kelly (D., Ariz.) meant when he said his fellow Democrats are "absolutely" clueless about the illegal immigration crisis in this country.

Well, not all Democrats. The events of the past year proved that even the most coddled liberal élites are capable of taking swift and ruthless action when foreign invaders threaten to overrun their communities.

On September 14, the residents of Martha's Vineyard—home to former president Barack Obama's $18 million waterfront mansion—were forced to confront an illegal immigration crisis of a magnitude most border towns experience on an hourly basis. Approximately 50 illegal aliens arrived on the island at the behest of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), who was simply trying to help them pursue the American Dream in one of the country's wealthiest enclaves.

The residents responded with Trumpian aplomb, calling in the National Guard to prevent the illegals from looting celebrity beach houses and defecating in their heated pools. They enlisted media allies to denounce DeSantis as "inhumane." We're inclined to agree. One of the primary benefits of being rich enough to own property on Martha's Vineyard is never having to interact with a poor person who isn't on staff. Forcing the Obamas and other left-wing oligarchs to coexist with third-world peasants is an affront to humanity.

If only the federal government could operate with such efficiency. Within 48 hours, the illegal migrants were evicted from the island and the crisis resolved. Inhabitants congratulated themselves for promptly expelling the intruders and ensuring their island paradise would remain unsullied by riffraff.

Well done, libs. For showing our feckless leaders in Washington how to properly respond to an immigration crisis, the border hawks of Martha's Vineyard are a 2022 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.