2023 Men of the Year: The Troops

(John Moore/Getty Images)
December 29, 2023

The heroes who serve in the United States Armed Forces deserve better. President Joe Biden, 81, won't let them fight, and his administration keeps trying to transform them into a bunch of full-figured pronoun studies majors who feel "bad" about the U.S. military's historic victories over the indigenous tribes.

"To say that … the entire military went woke because a handful of drag queen shows [on military bases] ... I think is an overstatement," Gen. Mark Milley said (rather unpersuasively) in an interview with the left-wing Washington Post earlier this year. Milley is best known for commissioning a U.S. Army War College report of the societal impact of climate change.

It's not just the drag shows on bases. It's the mandatory training sessions on gender identity and Critical Race Theory, not to mention the persistent degradation of physical standards to promote "diversity" and "inclusion." It's no wonder military recruitment numbers have cratered on Biden's watch.

The terrorists are always talking about how they want to destroy America. (Why else would liberals revere them so much?) But they really do suck at it compared with the Deep State woke warriors who envision a U.S. military less concerned with winning wars than it is with making sure everyone gets a pretty flower in the barrel of his (or her or their) service rifle.

We take comfort in the exceptional resiliency of America's warriors. Woke nonsense aside, they still know how to kick ass. Earlier this year, for example, U.S. special operations forces killed a senior Islamic State officer and 10 other terrorists during a raid in Somalia. Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and Qassem Soleimani are still burning in hell, not a virgin in sight.

The troops will survive what's left of the Biden administration, and they will thrive at full strength during the second and third and fourth Trump administrations. God willing, they will liberate Iran and China once and for all. Canada, too. Until then, until the end of time, the troops are Washington Free Beacon Men of the Year.

May their smiling faces be the last thing our enemies see on this earth.