2023 Man of the Year: Natan Levy

(Natan Levy YouTube)
December 28, 2023

There's a saying, probably from the Old Testament: "F— around and find out."

That's exactly what happened to a Holocaust denier named Ben after he challenged Israeli UFC fighter Natan "Lethal" Levy to a cage match.

Why did Ben f— around? He was apparently upset that Levy, who is Jewish, criticized Nick Fuentes, a neo-Nazi troll and self-described incel who denies the Holocaust and claims that "Jews run the world."

How did Ben f— around? Ben challenged Levy (9-1 as a professional fighter) on Twitter to a cage match after Levy said another supporter of Fuentes had the physique of a "chopstick."

"I'll drive to Vegas any day of the week to spar you on behalf of Nicholas J. Fuentes and America First," said Ben, who must be a closeted cuckold for agreeing to this kind of public humiliation.

"Sure, I'll gladly KO your punk ass," said Levy, who, being the mensch that he is, told Ben he would "Venmo you the gas money."

To Levy's surprise, Ben followed through with his challenge and showed up to spar at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. Levy confronted Ben for "talking s—t about Jews on Twitter" and his support for Nicholas Fuentes, a.k.a. "Dickless J. Funtes."

"I think because what he says is right," Ben said when asked why he came to the defense of Fuentes, who once claimed Adolf Hitler is "really f—ing cool." Asked about the Holocaust, Ben said he doubted that six million Jews were murdered.

What did Ben find out? That he is no match for a mad Jew, much less one trained in the lethal arts of Kyokushin karate.

Levy, fighting out of Las Vegas by way of Tel Aviv, took it easy on Ben, who claimed to have eight years of karate and jiu jitsu training under his belt. But Levy landed a series of brutal blows to Ben's face, a roundhouse kick, and a sick hip throw to get Ben on his back like the Nazi whore that he is. Ben tried to tap out of a Levy headlock, but the fighter tightened his grip to literally force the Holocaust denialism out of him.

"I'm sorry," Ben bellowed from the mat. "Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust," he admitted in a post-fight interview.

For showing us that the alternative to feeding the trolls is beating the s—t out of them, Natan "Lethal" Levy, you are a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.