2023 Man of the Year: Paulie the NYC Construction Worker

NYC construction worker confronts pro-Hamas New Yorker (michaelrapaport/TikTok)
December 30, 2023

Few men are as unfairly maligned as the heroic New York City construction workers who show up to their job sites every morning to build things with their bare hands, something the effete liberal "men" who look down on them could never do.

This heroism was on full display in October—several weeks after Hamas terrorists murdered more than a thousand civilians and took hundreds of hostages in Israel—when a construction worker in Queens confronted a pro-Hamas scumbag demonstrating his support for Jewish genocide by ripping down posters of Israeli hostages.

"This is f—ing the USA, this is New York City," a hardworking hero named Paulie reminded the terrorist simp. "You don't have a f—ing right to touch that s—t. This is a free country. You can wave your Palestine flag and say death to the Jews and America or whenever you want, but we can put up f–ing signs."

The Hamas-fluffing goon kept asking to see "proof" that the Israeli hostages were real as Paulie continued to berate his schlubby ass. "You're offending us, motherf—er. When you throw that [hostage poster] on the floor you're littering the city. In a minute I'm gonna litter the f—ing floor with you," he told the anti-Semite. "Do you have proof they're not kidnapped? No. So shut the f— up."

Paulie was eventually hauled away by a member of his crew after telling the Jew-hater he was "f—ing dying to put you in the hospital." We understand why Paulie declined to engage in physical violence, but we're also a little disappointed. If anyone deserved a trip to the hospital, it was the schlubby goon who fled whatever s—thole he came from in search of a better life in a civilized free country.

"I'm not a superstar, I'm just a regular guy who didn't like what I saw," Paulie humbly explained after the incident. "It shouldn't be celebrated, what I did. It should be normal. Everyone should react like that. This shouldn't be a news story that someone doesn't like posters of murdered children and kidnapped children being taken down."

It should be normal, but sadly it's not, especially in a city like New York, where liberal freaks are more likely to denounce construction workers for asking women to smile than they are to denounce genocidal terrorists for committing gang rape. Paulie should be celebrated, which is why we've included him in the esteemed ranks of the 2023 Washington Free Beacon Men of the Year.