2023 Man of the Year: Barack Obama

December 27, 2023

It was a year of not-so-remarkable achievement for the man many consider our laziest living president, Barack Hussein Obama. Few men in history have been so honored and enriched through so little effort and achievement that one must marvel at Obama’s ability to command such vapid celebrity status for so long.

On one hand, he managed to produce his first streaming movie for Netflix, which was so good it was deemed unfit for theaters. On the other hand, his private chef mysteriously drowned in a paddleboarding accident off the coast of his palatial estate on Martha’s Vineyard.

For that we can’t much blame Obama. It is only fitting that he relaxes beachside as those around him struggle to stay afloat in the dangerous waters he provided them.

There’s the Israelis, left to fight a gruesome war sparked by Obama’s disastrous Iran deal. There’s also his octogenarian former vice president, who is stumbling and mumbling his way to a 37 percent approval rating heading into reelection season.

But those things do not concern Obama. Yes, it’s good to be an Ivy League man who is both rich and retired well before his 65th birthday.

Obama’s notable achievements in his post-presidency appear to lie solely in multimillion-dollar real estate acquisitions and script advising. Bored with actual public service, Obama has largely avoided charitable endeavors. It took him weeks to opine on the war in Israel he started, and he is yet to build his billion-dollar presidential mosque (some say it will also house a library).

Obama’s few other accomplishments, meanwhile, have been revealed not by the former president but by his former acquaintances. In late September, decades-old letters Obama sent to an ex-girlfriend surfaced, showing he admitted to having sex with other men daily—in his mind. (Larry Sinclair disputed this characterization.)

Laziness is not a virtue we’re inclined to reward around these parts. But in 2023, few proved better at resting on their laurels than our former president. And for that, we give credit where it’s due. Barry O, you’re a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.