2023 Man of the Year: Jacen Cockerell

Jacen Cockerell (Louisville Metro Police Department)
December 27, 2023

Jacen Cockerell did nothing wrong. Alas, because our illegitimate president Joe Biden and his Radical Left minions hate freedom almost as much as they love Hamas, this American hero was arrested for the "crime" of loving his country. (If liberals had their way, this would be the only crime on the books.)

Deep State authorities in Louisville, Ky., apprehended Cockerell outside a polling location on Election Day for attempting to safeguard the integrity of our cherished democracy. Yes, you read that right. In Biden's America, they call it "interfering with an election." Local news outlets reported that Cockerell, 40, was making "threatening gestures" while "wielding a flag attached to a fishing pole." He is also alleged to have "ripped off the printer to one of the voting machines."

Um, so what? First of all, we fail to see what's so "intimidating" about a patriot with a fishing pole. Any lib who feels "threatened" by that probably shouldn't be allowed to vote, and definitely should consider moving to a different country. Iran, for example, where the elections are rigged. (Kind of like America since 2020.) Seriously, though. You'd love it there; Hamas is huge.

Shockingly enough, the local news did not report on the hard evidence of voter fraud that must have spurred Cockerell to take action. That evidence will never see the light of day, thanks to Biden's thugs. Sleepy Joe will have free rein to steal more elections, imprison his political enemies, and pardon his crackhead porn-star son. The media will cheer him on.

Many Americans are rightly outraged by the Radical Left's campaign to subvert democracy. Few have the courage and the massive baked-potato balls to step into the arena and do something about it. Jacen Cockerell is one of the few. He's a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.