2020 Man of the Year: MAGA Larry David

MAGA Larry DavidThe MAGA hat is this century's peace sign—a beautiful red signal to other normal-thinking Americans that logical discourse is an option. The guy in the red hat isn't going to give you grief for the carbon footprint of your new Ford Gas-Guzzler F3000 or the decision to gender it with the fresh set of camo Truck Nutz you slapped on it. When the possibility of altercation presents itself, as it often does in these tense times, a MAGA hat could be the great diffuser.

2020 Man of the Year: Brian Fallon

Brian FallonNot just any Democratic operative can successfully flush tens of millions of dollars from the wealthiest libs down the toilet day after day, month after month, with not even accidental victories to point to along the way. To pull that off, Democrats had to look to former Hillary Clinton flack Brian Fallon.