Hillary Clinton is an Ailing Third World Dictator

Elderly plutocrat's low public profile stirs speculation over party succession

A woman believed to be Supreme Democratic Leader Hillary Clinton is spotted leaving a hospital with her family. (State News Agency)
February 3, 2015

Where is our leader? How is his health? Why is he limping? Do his compatriots have a succession plan in place if he is incapacitated before the upcoming preordained "election?" Did he actually write that tweet posted on his official account? Is his second in command plotting a coup?

These are questions we might ask of an ailing third world dictator, such as North Korea’s Kim Jung Un. But they could almost apply to Hillary Clinton as well, given the circumstances.

Clinton suffered a health scare last year, the details of which are not fully known. Her accession to leadership of the Democratic Party is virtually uncontested. However, we have seen reports on infighting among her closest advisers. The long anticipated announcement of her candidacy has already been delayed, and may be pushed back even further. She hasn’t been photographed in public since her January 21 speaking gig in Canada, and her most recent public comments have come via social media, often in the form of a cautiously worded response to events that took place several hours before. Their authenticity is impossible to verify.

The most recent tweet from Clinton’s account, on the subject of vaccinations, has generated a lot of speculation among members of media as to why she has been avoiding the national spotlight:

Clinton’s political fate is yet to be determined. But her supporters should take comfort in the fact that, like many third world dictators, she possesses an immense fortune, nearly all of which was acquired through political ties, which would allow her to flee the country with relative ease and live comfortably in exile.