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Dem Fundraising Platform ActBlue Takes a Cut of Donations to Michigan State University’s Anti-Israel Tent Encampment

ActBlue previously facilitated donations to bail fund for anti-Israel bridge blockers

April 30, 2024

‘Free Palestine’ Bridge Blockers Get Free Bail—And the Democratic Party’s Fundraising Platform Gets a Cut

ActBlue to receive nearly 4 percent of legal defense donations for arrested protesters

April 16, 2024

Liberal Celebs Host 'Fundraiser From Hell' for Joe Biden

Sex pest Bill Clinton to appear alongside morbidly obese pop star Lizzo, former comedian Stephen Colbert

March 26, 2024

Obama Has Terrible Judgment, But He Was Right About One Thing

Narcissist former president backed Hillary Clinton over Joe Biden in 2016

March 18, 2024
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Rome, GA

America's Political Realignment Is Real

Column: The education divide could restore Trump to office

March 15, 2024

'Much Deeper Than Anticipated': Falling Support Among Minority Voters Could Spell Doom for Democrats

Analysis: GOP could benefit from 'racial realignment' as non-white conservatives realize 'they've been voting for the wrong party'

March 12, 2024

WATCH: Joe Biden's Senior Moment of the Week (Vol. 80)

Special 'Elderly Man With a Poor Memory' Edition

February 10, 2024