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Veepstakes: Biden Wants a Black Woman Who Will Stay in Her Place

'Now that the White House finally seems within reach, he does not want to be outshone.'

Joe Biden has promised to pick a woman as his running mate, and has faced increasing pressure to choose a black woman, but he also wants a VP candidate who will stay in her place and won't steal his spotlight.

CANCELED: Every Democratic President of the 20th Century

Everyone is being canceled these days, from popular U.S. presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant to "a middle-aged white woman named Sue Schafer" who wore a bad costume in 2018. For whatever reason, living Democratic officials like Virginia governor Ralph Northam and middle-aged white celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel have not, despite committing blatantly cancel-worthy offenses.

WATCH: Confused Old Codger Joe Biden Will Agree to Anything

Joe Biden doesn't always speak coherently, but when he's asked to commit to something, the former vice president typically responds with an emphatic "yes." It's not always clear if Biden is aware of what he's agreeing to do or if he understands the implications, but the 77-year-old has demonstrated a willingness to say "yes" to almost anything you ask of him.