Cancel Carl Reiner (RIP)

Fans of the arcane humor-centric concept of "comedy," which for decades promoted violence and impaired the cause of social justice by prioritizing laughter, are mourning the loss of legendary "comedian" and filmmaker Carl Reiner, who died Monday at the age of 98.

Finally, An Obama Legacy Worth Celebrating

Hellfire R9X 'ninja' missile might be the Dem's most lasting achievement

Another terrorist died in Syria this month on President Donald J. Trump's order. Khaled al-Aruri, a journeyman jihadist and de facto leader of a local al Qaeda affiliate, was killed in a U.S. special operations drone strike on June 14.

REVIEW: ‘Hot Cup of Joe,’ The Sexy Biden Coloring Book

"After years of sharing him with Barack, now you can have handsome and dependable Joe Biden all to yourself." So proclaims the back cover of Hot Cup of Joe: A Piping Hot Coloring Book with America's Sexiest Moderate, Joe Biden, a thirsty ode to the former vice president of the United States and presumptive Democratic nominee for president, health permitting.

Honoring The Real First Responders in This Invisible War

Don't just thank the journalists, ask about their feelings

Former vice president Joe Biden recently praised America's journalists for "putting it all on the line for all of us" during the coronavirus pandemic. Not surprisingly, America's journalists agreed with him.

Opinion: Get Over COVID

You people have no idea how good you have it. I wish we had your bat-virus in the 1350s. At the time, I was a construction worker in Kaffa. Life had its pleasures. I got to eat noodles and occasionally soup. Sometimes I would picnic at the Black Sea. There were feasts. And who doesn't love a good joust? I had dreams of becoming the first in my family to live 30 years. Only 6 of my 11 kids had died from yellow fever. My hunchback was unsightly, but relatively painless. That was "privilege" in my day.