Hillary Clinton

More Good News for Hillary Clinton

Senate impeachment trial likely to disrupt campaign schedules of leading primary candidates

Hillary Clinton has refused to rule out another run for president in 2020. Her former goon Philippe Reines has said she "might be the best person" to beat Trump, despite her previous failed attempt in 2016. Beto O'Rourke has already dropped out, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) is struggling to stay afloat. A recent poll suggests Democratic voters are still Ready for Hillary. What is she waiting for?

IT’S HAPPENING: Democratic Voters Are Ready for Hillary, Poll Finds

She's tied for first place with Joe Biden in recent survey

Democratic primary voters are "Ready for Hillary," according to the results of a recent Harvard-Harris national poll, which found that twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would tie for first place with Joe Biden if she were to join the underwhelming field of candidates vying to face Donald Trump in 2020.

Clinton Continues to Blame Others for 2016 Loss

Says Mark Zuckerberg 'should pay a price'

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday continued to blame others for her 2016 loss while she was speaking at a screening of a Netflix documentary on the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

GRANNY GOES ONLINE: Hillary Clinton Tweets Trump Parody Riddled With Genital References

Soon-to-be Democratic frontrunner can't stop posting

Failed politician and likely 2020 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is either unable or unwilling to stop behaving like someone preparing to enter the underwhelming field of Democratic primary candidates. She keeps logging on, posting things on social-media platforms, and accusing her critics of being Russian spies.