As World Struggles to Contain COVID-19, Malaysia Offers Bold Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic may have started in China, but its effects are being felt the world over. Authorities struggling to contain the virus have proposed a variety of solutions aimed at preventing its spread. But while many governments have confined citizens to their homes during the crisis, few have offered guidance on how to behave in quarantine.

ANALYSIS: The Journos Are Out of Control

Only Trump can save us from the media pandemic

The China-caused coronavirus is sweeping the globe, and America's journalists are losing their minds. In fact, they are dangerously out of control, according to the results of a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

TRANSCRIPT: Trump Demands New Biden Investigation in Call with Ukrainian President

'His brain is not functioning. He’s getting attacked by vegans. His words don’t even make sense'

President Donald J. Trump renewed his demand for an investigation into Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden during an early morning phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday, according to a transcript obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Wit and Wisdom of Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg

The 'white Obama' wunderkind has mastered the art of political rhetoric

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, the 38-year-old presidential candidate who previously served as mayor of Indiana's fourth-largest city, is the Democratic Party's most gifted rhetorician since Barack H. Obama. His deep-voiced demeanor and majestic oratorical prowess have made him a formidable candidate among a select demographic of wealthy whites with graduate degrees.

‘I Don’t Want Him to Drop Out’: Trump Walks Back Biden Demands in Call with Ukrainian President

Unclassified transcript obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon

President Donald J. Trump appeared to walk back his previous demand for a Ukrainian-led investigation into Joe Biden and his wayward son, Hunter, during a recent phone conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to a transcript of the call obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.

REPORT: Obama’s Bird-Killing Death Machines Bad for Environment

Wind turbine blades can't be recycled, are piling up in landfills like corpses of the noble creatures they slaughter

Nearly all of President Barack H. Obama's so-called accomplishments have been nullified by his physically and intellectually superior successor, Donald J. Trump. But while Obama's so-called legacy has been largely erased, majestic birds continue to suffer as a result of his bloodthirsty obsession with wind turbines.