How New Speaker Mike Johnson Can Silence Liberal Critics and Win Back the Mainstream Media

An exclusive analysis

November 1, 2023

What's happening: Democrats and their allies in the liberal media are attacking newly elected House speaker Mike Johnson (R., La.) for being a "religious fundamentalist," in the words of MSNBC host and former White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Crucial context: Johnson is a devout Christian whose political views are shaped by his faith. "Go pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it. That's my worldview. That's what I believe," he said last week during an interview with Sean Hannity. Not surprisingly, Johnson invoked God and the Bible during his first speech to Congress following his election as speaker. Conservatives cheered; liberals jeered.

What they're saying: The Daily Beast denounced Johnson as a "Christofascist," suggesting he is even "more dangerous" than former president Donald Trump—who most liberals believe is the single greatest threat to the survival of American democracy—and comparing his beliefs to those of the Taliban and the mullahs of Iran.

• HBO's Bill Maher said Johnson was a "religious fanatic" who "heard voices" while comparing the speaker to the alleged perpetrator of the deadly mass shooting in Maine.

• Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, described Johnson as an "anti-abortion rights extremist."

• Johnson blasted the attacks on his Christian faith as "absurd" and "disgusting" during an interview with Kayleigh McEnany of Fox News.

Important analysis: The liberal outrage directed at Johnson due to his religious faith stands in stark contrast to the outpouring of support—from college students, left-wing activists, journalists, and Democratic politicians such as Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.)—for Hamas, the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organization that slaughtered more than 1,300 Jews on October 7.

• It goes without saying that Johnson and other Christian Republicans have very little in common with Hamas and their supporters. Because the views of both groups are informed by religious faith, however, it is possible to perform a comparative analysis in order to identify key variables that might explain why liberals hate Johnson but love Hamas.

Gay marriage: Johnson opposes gay marriage. Hamas executed and reportedly mutilated the body of one its own commanders who was accused of having sex with a man. A 2019 poll found just 5 percent of Palestinians said homosexuality was acceptable, compared with 8 percent who said the same about honor killings.

Abortion: Johnson opposes abortion. Hamas outlaws abortion in Gaza. "I would never accept an unmarried girl at my clinic," an OB/GYN from Gaza told Shado Magazine earlier this year. "This has nothing to do with freedoms, this is religion. In all religions, adultery is forbidden." According to a 2019 study, some Palestinians oppose abortion because giving birth "is a form of resistance and annoyance to our occupier [Israel]."

Israel: Johnson supports Israel's right to exist. Hamas refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist. The group's founding charter asserts that "the Day of Judgement will not come until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them." A 2021 poll found that 53 percent of Palestinians said the anti-Semitic terrorist organization was "most deserving of representing and leading the Palestinian people."

Jewish lives: Johnson opposes the murder, torture, and dismemberment of Israeli civilians. Hamas supports it.

Extra analysis: Perhaps it would be more accurate to compare Johnson's views to those of another "Christian" such as Fritz Berggren, who currently serves as a Middle East diplomat in the U.S. State Department.

• Berggren has written abhorrently anti-Semitic statements on his blog, describing Jews as "the enemies of God and the children of the devil."

• The Biden administration refuses to fire Berggren or even comment on his racist posts, even as Biden's campaign attacks Johnson for his religious views.

Definitive conclusion: Democrats, journalists, and liberal activists generally despise "culturally conservative" individuals with strong religious views. An exclusive Washington Free Beacon analysis has determined the most reliable way for religious individuals to win over their liberal critics is to openly espouse the mass slaughter of Jews.