College Stands by Student Leader Who Claimed Jews ‘Worship’ WW2

Senior class president's public apology welcomed by administrators, student groups

The Pomona College senior class president has received little condemnation for reposting a vulgar, anti-Semitic Instagram story claiming Jewish people “hate brown [people]” and “worship” World War II. She also compared the war in Yemen to the Holocaust.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Blames Israelis for Floyd Death

The musician sat down for an interview with the pro-Hamas Shehab News Agency

Musician and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters claimed Saturday that Israelis invented the method of killing George Floyd and called Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson a "puppet master" in control of the White House.

The Oldest Hatred Rears Its Head

This week in media anti-Semitism

New York TimesIt’s been more than two days now since the New York Times opinion page, policed closely by the paper’s readers and employees for evidence of bigotry, published an op-ed that approvingly cites the black anti-Semitism explained away in a fifty-year-old essay by the writer James Baldwin.