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‘Run by the Mob’: How Anti-Semites Took Over Stanford’s Campus

Jewish students say they have been harassed and threatened as anti-Semitic protesters camp out on campus green

February 16, 2024

Iran Tests Ballistic Missiles in Preparation for Strike on Israel

Tehran simulates attack on Israeli hangar housing American-made F-35s

February 14, 2024

Biden Admin Has No Plan To Prevent Hezbollah From Cashing In on Menthol Cigarette Ban

Lawmakers say ban would allow Hezbollah and Mexican drug cartels to open black market

February 14, 2024

These Ivy League Students Went on Hunger Strike for Hamas. We Can't Stop Laughing.

Highlights from a lame protest that accomplished nothing

February 13, 2024

Harvard Law Student Behind Infamous Oct. 7 Statement Speaks Out, Refuses To Condemn Hamas

Israa Alzamli, who said Jewish state was 'entirely responsible' for Hamas attack, thanks school's anti-Israel 'community' for supporting her

February 12, 2024