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Congress Scrutinizes Biden Attempts to Stamp Out Fossil Fuels in New Buildings

House hearing to scrutiny how Biden policies threatening the 'American dream of homeownership'

May 22, 2024

Harvard Ignored Its In-House Anti-Semitism Panel and Failed To Address Student Harassment, Congressional Report Finds

Incidents of anti-Semitic harassment on Harvard campus were elevated to school's top brass but left unaddressed

May 16, 2024

California Dem Congressional Candidate Says He Opposes Gas Stove and Car Bans. He's Touting an Endorsement From Group That's Pushing Them.

George Whitesides embraces endorsement from environmental group that spent half a million dollars lobbying for bans on gas stoves, cars, and trains

May 16, 2024

House Poised To Vote To Codify Official Definition of Anti-Semitism in Face of Left-Wing Objections

Bill faces opposition from Dems who prefer definition crafted by progressive activists

April 30, 2024

GOP Delegation Arrives at Columbia To Call for Shafik's Resignation

'We just can't allow this kind of hatred and anti-Semitism to flourish on our campuses,' says Johnson

April 24, 2024