House of Representatives

Rep. Cleaver: Pelosi Broke Rules During House Debate

Cleaver presided over House debate on a resolution to condemn President Trump's tweets

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D., Missouri) bemoaned a tense House floor debate that fell into disorder Tuesday, admitting that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was in part responsible for the breakdown in decorum.

House Defense Bill Would Embolden Iran

Dem-backed NDAA would undermine American deterrence

An amendment in the House's version of the annual defense bill that would prevent President Trump from striking Iran without congressional approval would actually facilitate Iranian belligerence—and, if anything, make war more likely.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Announces Fundraising Record

McCarthy credits $33.7 million haul to 'inept new Democrat socialist party'

No House Republican has ever raised as much money in the first half of a year as Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) has thus far in 2019, according to fundraising figures released by his campaign on Wednesday morning.

House Will Pass Senate Border Bill After Pelosi Yields to Internal Pressure

Republican Senate stonewalled House's version of bill

In a major cave to the Republican-held Senate, House Democrats agreed to take up a vote on the Senate-approved version of a bill to address the crisis at the border Thursday afternoon. The Hill reported that Democratic leaders are already whipping support for the bill, which allots $4.6 billion in border funding.