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New York Times Profiles Angry Dearborn Voters. It Doesn’t Tell Readers They’re Also Hamas Supporters.

NYT features imam who said 'may Allah eradicate' the 'sick, disgusting Zionist regime'

July 17, 2024

CAIR Honcho and ‘Squad’ Donor Suggests Israel Behind Suspected Iranian Plot To Assassinate Trump

Nihad Awad said last year he was 'happy to see' Hamas's Oct. 7 attack on Israel

July 17, 2024

Trailing in Polls, Cori Bush Embraces Group That Blamed Israel for Oct. 7 Attack

'Oppression is violent and breeds violent resistance,' Progressive Jews of St. Louis said of Israel

July 17, 2024

American Muslims for Palestine Ordered To Turn Over Potentially Damaging Donor Documents in Virginia Terror Financing Probe

Leading anti-Israel group must open its books amid probe from Republican AG Jason Miyares, judge says

July 16, 2024

In Milwaukee, Anti-Israel Protesters Preview DNC Unrest: 'Matter of Life and Death'

'Israel also has no right to exist as a racist, white supremacist, settler-colonialist, apartheid, Zionist state,' says rally speaker who defended Oct. 7 terror attack

July 15, 2024

Columbia Partners With Anti-Semitic Nonprofit That Endorsed Oct. 7 Terror Attack as 'Systemic Change for Collective Liberation'

'To oppose Palestinian resistance is to say Palestinians should accept life in an open air prison,' says Slow Factory

July 15, 2024

Painting Over the Rafah 'Red Line': Biden's State Department Sued for Stonewalling Probe Into Anti-Israel Pressure Campaign

'These communications will help to shed light on if true support exists for the mission or not,' watchdog group says of Rafah offensive

July 11, 2024