Israel Reveals Another Secret Iranian Nuclear Weapons Site

Satellite photos show Tehran attempting to cover nuclear work

Israeli leaders on Monday disclosed the existence of yet another secret Iranian nuclear weapons site that Tehran has attempted to hide from the international community, a disclosure likely to amplify calls from the international community for Iran to come clean about its ongoing weapons work.

Tlaib Meets With Members of Terrorism-Supporting, Anti-Israel Organization

Tlaib powwows with members of the Palestine Youth Movement

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.) recently met with a controversial pro-Palestinian organization that has encouraged violence against Israel, justified the use of terrorism against the Jewish state, and has called for the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, according to online postings on social media.

Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism

Trying to separate hatred of Israel from classic Jew-hatred is an act of willful blindness.

Anti-Semites can have completely opposing political views and social values, but they all have one thing in common: hatred of Israel, the Jew among nations.

Prominent Anti-Israel Group’s Agent Defended Terrorists in Court

American Muslims for Palestine partners with pro-Palestinian progressive groups for Israeli resistance in the U.S.

Palestinian women shout anti-Israeli slogans during a rallyA prominent Muslim group that partners with other pro-Palestinian organizations for protests and campaigns against Israel in the United States has an agent who has defended accused terrorists in court, state filings show.

PA President Abbas: ‘Millions Of Fighters’ Will Take Over Jerusalem

'Not a single penny' of payments to terrorists will be stopped

Mahmoud AbbasPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threatened this week that "million of fighters" would swarm Jerusalem and topple the Jewish state's capital city, warning that "no matter how many houses and how many settlements they declare that they [plan to build] here and there—they shall all be destroyed."