Bibi’s Rallying Cry

Benjamin Netanyahu

“Anyone but King Bibi,” is the sort of derisive comment you’ll hear from a Tel Aviv resident in a bar after a couple of Goldstar lagers. But Israel’s prime minister earned the nickname as praise after his U.N. appearance last week. Like him or not, Benjamin Netanyahu has proven effective at moving the ball down the court on the Iran issue. Even the extreme leftwing Haaretz complimented him for “one of his most convincing and effective performances.”

Terror Victims, Families Demand Trump Admin Block Palestinian Prez Entry to U.S.

American victims of Palestinian terror attacks have petitioned President Donald Trump to prohibit Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas from entering the United States this week due to his material support for terrorism, according to a letter sent to the White House asking the president to assert new powers granted under recently passed anti-terrorism legislation in Congress.