North Korea on the Mediterranean


Since March 30, when Hamas launched its first “return march” with thousands storming Israel’s border, Israel’s media pundits have said neither side wants escalation. They had it right. What’s being termed “the small arrangement” looks like a big win for Hamas, whose strategy most resembles that of North Korea.

Historian Rips New York Times for Recycling Ben-Gurion ‘Myth’

An American-Israeli historian criticized New York Times reporter Max Fisher last week for recycling a “myth” that Israel’s founding prime minister David Ben-Gurion fretted the Jewish state’s occupation of territories won in the 1967 war would undermine its democratic principles.

Hamas-Israel Military Confrontation Looks Likely

Tensions Rise On The Gaza-Israeli Border

Since March, Israel and Hamas have been in a war of attrition that neither wants to escalate into a full-blown confrontation. Ironically, that is exactly where things are leading. Netanyahu just announced the cancellation of his visit to Colombia due to tension in the south.

Why Israel’s Nation-State Law Matters

Israeli F-35 fighter jets perform during an air show

On Tuesday, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan declared that the “spirit of Hitler has been revived, Israel is the most fascist and racist state.” He then called on – well, everybody – “to work against Israel.” What sent Erdogan into orbit was Israel’s newly minted Nation-State Law, which passed last week by a vote of 62 to 55 after a boisterous Knesset debate lasting over eight hours.