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Columbia University Campus Unravels in Face of Escalating Anti-Semitic, Eliminationist Protests

President Shafik faces call to resign as anti-Semitic agitators engulf Manhattan campus

April 22, 2024

Columbia Students Call on President Shafik To Restore Order on Campus

'We do not feel safe walking to nor around campus'

April 19, 2024

Northwestern University Dean of Students Attends Protest Targeting Campus Jewish Community Center

Dean of Students Mona Dugo at rally where protesters said school 'weaponizes anti-Semitism to silence pro-Palestinian activism'

April 19, 2024

Arab-Israeli Journalist Assaulted at Columbia University, Forced To Cancel Speech

'Instead of a lecture, I went to file a police complaint,' Yoseph Haddad said

April 19, 2024