Republican Party

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Announces Fundraising Record

McCarthy credits $33.7 million haul to 'inept new Democrat socialist party'

No House Republican has ever raised as much money in the first half of a year as Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) has thus far in 2019, according to fundraising figures released by his campaign on Wednesday morning.

GOP Sees Positive Signs for 2020 in Pa. Special Election Win

President Donald Trump looks on as Fred Keller speaksDemocrat Marc Friedenberg was on the ballot again in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District on Tuesday—this time facing a relatively unknown state lawmaker rather than a four-term incumbent congressman—and he lost by an even bigger margin, a sign to Republicans that 2020 will not be a repeat of 2018.

This Is What A Winning Centrist Platform Looks Like

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, the presumptive 2020 frontrunner should he enter the presidential race as an independent, has struck fear in the hearts of his fellow Democrats and envy in the bowels of Obama alumni who didn’t get a lucrative consulting gig of their own.

New RSC Chair: Pelosi Speakership Gives GOP Opportunity to Win Over New Voters

Johnson: 'I’m excited about this, I think this could be our greatest moment'

Louisiana congressman Mike Johnson, the incoming chairman of the Republican Study Committee, believes that Democratic control of the House of Representatives, at least for the next two years, presents an opportunity for the GOP to fine-tune its policies and message in order to appeal to a new generation of voters.