Republican Party

Trump’s Surrender Leaves GOP Leadership Void Only One Man Can Fill

The Republican Party needs a fighter who knows how to win

Donald Trump promised the American people that by the end of his first term in office they would be "tired of winning." Four years later, having won very little, Trump himself has grown tired of fighting and surrendered the White House to Joe Biden after conceding the election.

Trump’s Last Stand

Senate hangs in balance as Trump lashes out at Republicans

Former vice president Joe Biden was in Georgia on Monday to rally support for Democrats in the upcoming Senate elections that could determine control of the upper chamber.

Republicans Continue Lead in Fight Against COVID-19

President Donald J. Trump (allegedly) lost reelection to Joe Biden despite the significant "experience gap" between the two candidates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump, for example, personally contracted the virus and cured himself within days, while Biden opted to hide in a basement.