On This Day in History: March 6, 2008

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton / AP


Paris Hilton’s troubled teen brother got a DUI.

Omarosa got kicked off of The Apprentice for the first time.

George Clooney had "guys night out."

Chelsea Clinton blew her meeting with college students.

University of Pennsylvania Democrats endorse presidential hopeful Barack Obama hours after Chelsea Clinton visits campus.

Sen. Barack Obama‘s campaign announced Thursday afternoon that the UPenn Democrats endorsed the Illinois senator for president hours after her visit.

"Senator Obama supports drastic reform in education, fiscal policy, and healthcare," said the Pennsylvania Democrats. "Obama has been consistent in his outspoken criticism of the war in Iraq, and the Penn Democrats have confidence in his plan to bring our troops home, while at the same time promoting regional diplomacy."

The UPenn Democrats represents over 2,100 members.

Steel star Shaquille O’Neal turned 36, American Horror Story star Connie Britton turned 41, and Soul Plane actor Tom Arnold turned 49.