Top State Department Staff Used Personal Email to Send ‘Sensitive’ Data

State Department / AP

Senior State Department officials at the U.S. Embassy in Japan have been caught sending “sensitive” information over personal email accounts, subjecting the information potential hack attacks and other cyber threats, according to a new report by the department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

The Titanic of the East

S.S. Japan

Just before midnight on Dec. 17, 1874, a crew member cried out on the deck of the steamship S.S. Japan. There was a fire. In just 45 minutes, the flames engulfed the 4,000-ton ship’s wooden hull, trapping some of the passengers below deck. Others, mostly Chinese migrant workers, could not reach the lifeboats and jumped into the South China Sea, where they were weighed down by their gold-filled belts and sank to the bottom. The Chinese laborers were returning home from the American West.

Audacity of Hope

Supreme Court First Amendment

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court released its decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which allowed two people of the same sex to be issued marriage licenses in all fifty states. Months earlier during oral argument, Chief Justice John Roberts remarked, “Every definition that I looked up, prior to about a dozen years ago, defined marriage as unity between a man and woman as husband and wife. You’re not seeking to join the institution, you’re seeking to change what the institution is.”

Reading to the End

Clive James at his home in Cambridge / AP

Leukemia hasn’t slowed Clive James down a bit. The prolific critic, poet, and broadcaster continues to put out books at an impressive rate since being diagnosed in 2010. He wrapped up his translation of The Divine Comedy in 2013, published a collection of poetry criticism in 2014, and followed it with a book of his own poems earlier this year. Now we have Latest Readings, a collection of short essays on newly discovered books and those he’s been reflecting on his whole life.