IG: Medicare Paid Twice for Up to $420 Million Worth of Drugs

Medicare maintains existing measures sufficient to curb duplicate payment

prescription drugsIn the final year of the Obama administration, Medicare paid twice for between $160 million and $420 million worth of drugs for terminally ill patients because it failed to address a redundancy government watchdogs had identified years earlier, according to a new government report.

Harris Misleads on Role of Sebelius in Health Care Plan

Harris claims she didn't write it but Sebelius worked with staffers as plan was developed

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) misled viewers at Wednesday's debate when she portrayed Kathleen Sebelius as uninvolved in writing her health insurance proposal, when her campaign told NBC News otherwise.

Warren Faces Pushback From CNN Panel Over Policy Promises

'I have questions about the viability of some of the proposals' said one former Obama advisor

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) faced strong pushback on her growing list of policy proposals from David Axelrod, Van Jones, and other CNN analysts during a post-debate appearance on the network early Wednesday morning. 

Top Firefighters’ Union Supports Biden, Opposes Medicare for All

IAFF says they would find it difficult to support a candidate who wants to eliminate private insurance

One of the leading unions representing firefighters throughout the United States has come out against Medicare for All proposals ahead of the second Democratic debate where candidate's healthcare proposals are expected to receive a significant amount of focus during the debate.