David Rutz

Nicolle Wallace Is Stunned By That

The most dramatic host on cable news

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace is frequently stunned, shocked, chilled, and left speechless by the goings-on at the Trump White House, which she so melodramatically covers at Deadline: White House.

Biden Denies Criticizing Trump on Coronavirus on Same Day His Campaign Blasted the President in an Email

Campaign email Tuesday saying Trump must be held 'accountable for his failures in handling this pandemic'

On the same day his campaign sent an email about holding the president "accountable for his failures in handling this pandemic," presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed not to have criticized President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus.

Meet Democratic ‘Moderate’ Joe Biden

While the media have portrayed Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden as occupying the party's "moderate" space, he's embraced the left on energy, illegal immigration, gun control, abortion, health care, and other issues.