Booker Complains About Democrats Having to Debate at Democratic Debate

'The person that's enjoying this debate most right now is Donald Trump,' Booker said

July 31, 2019

Presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) said President Donald Trump was enjoying the Democratic debate more than anyone because of Democratic infighting. He made the claim in response to a question about his Medicare for All plan during the second Democratic debate.

Debate moderator Dana Bash asked Booker how he would square his support for Medicare for All with his opposition to taking away private health insurance. Booker ignored the substance of the question to focus on Trump.

"First of all, let me say that the person that's enjoying this debate most right now is Donald Trump as we pit Democrats against each other while he is working right now to take away Americans' health care," Booker responded.  "There is a court case working through the system that will gut the Affordable Care Act and actually gut protections for preexisting conditions."

"I was raised by two civil rights parents that told me to always keep your eyes on the prize and that is in the United States of America, every Democrat should stand with the belief that everyone should have access to health care, that it's a human right," he continued.

Booker concluded by criticizing his fellow Democrats for debating with each other.

"This pitting against progressives against moderates, saying one is unrealistic and the other doesn't care enough, that to me is dividing our party and demoralizing us in face of the real enemy here," Booker added.