Yuichiro Kakutani

Radical Left Poised to Take Out Top Dem, Pelosi Ally

Backed by Justice Democrats, Jamaal Bowman may oust Rep. Eliot Engel

Jamaal BowmanBronx middle school principal Jamaal Bowman is on the verge of defeating Rep. Eliot Engel (D., N.Y.) following Tuesday's Democratic primary, unseating an incumbent who has spent over 30 years in Congress.

China Creep on Campus

Dozens of universities failed to disclose millions in Chinese donations

Dozens of top American universities that received funding from the Chinese government failed to disclose those donations to the Department of Education, prompting concerns from education watchdogs about Beijing's growing influence on campuses.

Establishment-Backed Dem Bails on Primary Debate

Dem rival calls Gideon 'anti-democratic' for skipping forums

The establishment-backed Democrat seeking to oust Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine) is once again skipping a Monday evening debate with her Democratic primary opponents, prompting condemnations from her rivals.

Foreign Propagandists Exploit U.S. Unrest

China compares Hong Kong activists to U.S. looters, as ex-Iran prez quotes Tupac

Foreign propagandists are exploiting the death of George Floyd to question the legitimacy of the U.S. political system and deflect concerns about their own human rights abuses.