Yuichiro Kakutani

Kamala Harris’s Union Hand-Out

Then-AG borrowed labor lobbyist language that helped kill pension reform

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) once cribbed a union interest group's talking points in an effort to influence a pension reform ballot initiative.

WinRed Views First House Election as Success Story

GOP fundraising engine 'exceeded expectations' raising money in North Carolina special election

Dan BishopRepublican fundraising platform WinRed believes it passed its first big test in Tuesday's closely watched North Carolina special election, where Republican Dan Bishop, whose campaign used the platform, came out victorious.

Alaska AG Calls for Opt-In Govt. Unions

Republican Gov. Dunleavy pledges new policy 'in the coming days and weeks'

Alaska may soon become the first state to require government workers to annually opt-in to union membership after a landmark Supreme Court case ruled that public-sector unions can no longer coerce payments from non-members.

IG: Medicare Paid Twice for Up to $420 Million Worth of Drugs

Medicare maintains existing measures sufficient to curb duplicate payment

prescription drugsIn the final year of the Obama administration, Medicare paid twice for between $160 million and $420 million worth of drugs for terminally ill patients because it failed to address a redundancy government watchdogs had identified years earlier, according to a new government report.