The First Good Week of Biden's Presidency

Two obnoxious libs fired for reckless behavior

June 10, 2022

It's been another eventful week in President Joe Biden's America. The stock market plunged 5 percent as inflation soared to new highs and recession fears continued to mount. The number of COVID-19 deaths on Biden's watch surpassed 600,000 while his approval rating fell below 40 percent. That's not great!

Nevertheless, it was still a relatively good week in the context of Biden's failed presidency. Two of the most obnoxious Ivy League libs in American history—Chesa Boudin and Felicia Sonmez—were fired for reckless behavior. For a demoralized country in need of some good news, it is reason enough to rejoice.

On Tuesday, a diverse coalition of San Francisco residents voted to recall Boudin, the city's radical left-wing district attorney, by a decisive margin of nearly 20 percentage points. Boudin, the son of domestic terrorists and a former intern for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, had pursued a controversial pro-criminal policy agenda since his election in 2019. Voters were understandably turned off by the Yale Law graduate's smug condescension in the face of public outrage as theft and property crime surged, and Boudin's refusal to prosecute serial offenders had deadly consequences. Good riddance to Marxist rubbish.

On Thursday, the Washington Post finally fired Felicia Sonmez, the so-called reporter who had spent the past week berating her colleagues and employer on social media. The obnoxious Harvard graduate's termination letter explained that she was being fired "for misconduct that includes insubordination, maligning your co-workers online and violating The Post’s standards on workplace collegiality and inclusivity." Sonmez, who unsuccessfully sued the Post and several of its leading editors in 2021, instigated a week's worth of petty drama by complaining about her colleague Dave Weigel's retweet of a stupid joke. Weigel, who was suspended without pay for 30 days, is almost certain to be named a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year for his role in the embarrassing saga.

Another obnoxious Post employee, Taylor Lorenz, was not publicly disciplined after writing a shoddy report about the social media coverage of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial. The Post was forced to add a lengthy editor's note to Lorenz's article to correct inaccurate statements about the reporter's efforts to contact several of the "Internet influencers" mentioned in the story. Lorenz, 43, is best known for annoying her former colleagues at the New York Times, having her work cited by a Chinese propaganda outlet, keeping her thermostat at 90 degrees, claiming that being "the most online reporter that you can find" has given her "severe PTSD," and attending a TikTok celeb's 16th birthday party.

America continues to suffer under Biden's failed leadership, but this week was perhaps the first of his presidency in which the good news almost outweighed the abundance of bad news. The country may be barreling toward catastrophe, but that shouldn't preclude Americans who oppose crime and enjoy watching mainstream journalists humiliate themselves from celebrating these positive developments.

Have a great weekend.