2014 Man of the Year: Hillary’s Service Dog

Matt Agudo/
December 30, 2014

"There are three faithful friends—an old wife, an old dog, and ready money." 

--Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States of America (via

Politicians like to talk about being "called to service." Usually what they mean is: "I enjoy getting paid to pretend that other people care about what I have say."

Dogs, on the other hand, are humble creatures. In this great country of ours, millions of canines are conscripted into the noblest form of service: making life more comfortable for the wealthy, the elderly, and the infirmed. Sometimes they get to serve the total package, such as Hillary Clinton, a celebrity grandmother.

This nameless beast, who was secretly photographed while servicing his master on the exclusive shores of the Hamptons, did not seek out the spotlight. Clinton Service Dog was simply doing its job by being on the other end of a leash and providing much-needed stability to an old person. Navigating sandy terrain can be challenging task, even in a stylish muumuu.

When a dog serves his master in such selfless fashion, he is providing much more than stability (and plausible deniability regarding one’s inability to walk unassisted). A dog offers something an inanimate walker or all-terrain scooter cannot: companionship. They are often a serviceable alternative to a "busy" husband, or, alternatively, a decent conversation starter when picking up girls at the park, or on a college campus—almost as good as a baby grandchild.

There’s no telling what kind of adversity Clinton Service Dog has been forced to endure. But we do know that he’ll never complain, or try to blame others for his failures. He forgives others for their own failures, such as Benghazi. He is more of a man than most men in this treacherous world of ours. He stands for all who can’t—literally. God bless this hero.