2014 Man of the Year: John Burkhalter


"I’ve always been an athlete," John Burkhalter explained in an interview, revealing that he was once a male stripper going by the name "Metro Express" for a low-end Chippendales circuit in Arkansas.

The news should have put him over the top in his bid for lieutenant governor of Arkansas this year. Sadly, the story broke too late to save his campaign, and Burkhalter lost by 18 points.

Nevertheless, the Washington Free Beacon is honoring Burkhalter for pulling himself up by his jock strap to become the owner of a multi-million dollar piping business. Public service was the natural next step.

It is good to know that he still considers himself a "dance dad," even though he no longer moonlights as a male stripper in "so called straight strip joints."

"He wore white tuxes with tails and handed out long stem roses to ladies, then took everything off," one patron remembered fondly.

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