Joe Biden Doesn't Spin 'Yarns That Often Unravel.' He Lies. The Media Must Call Him Out.

Words matter, and so does the truth

(Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)
August 31, 2023

What's happening: Members of the liberal mainstream media are finally starting to notice that President Joe Biden is a chronic liar. Alas, they are too cowardly—or too afraid of the truth—to use the L-word. Instead, they describe Biden's lies using an array of watered-down euphemisms.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler on Thursday wrote about Biden's habit of telling "certain stories" about his life that "aren't credible." (Lies.) The president, Kessler wrote, has a "propensity to exaggerate or embellish." (He lies.)

• CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale rarely pays attention to Biden's lies, but he did write something earlier this month highlighting a few of the president's "false personal anecdotes." (Lies.)

• The New York Times wrote last year about how Biden "spins yarns that often unravel." (He lies.) Biden has "embraced storytelling as a way of connecting with his audience," the Times explained, but those stories occasionally include details with "the factual edges shaved off to make them more powerful." (Lies.)

Why it matters: If journalists cared about being accurate, they wouldn't be afraid to use the word "lie" to describe Biden's lies.

• The liberal mainstream media were obnoxiously proud of themselves when they started using the word "lie" in headlines about former president Donald Trump.

• Biden's lies are demoralizing vulnerable Americans in crisis. This month alone, the president compared the plight of Maui wildfire victims, as well as the victims of Hurricane Idalia in Florida, to the time his house suffered minor damage from what firefighters described as an "insignificant" blaze in 2004.

• One of Biden's most egregious lies—that his son Hunter Biden "has not made money" from business deals in China—made a mockery of the American justice system earlier this month when Hunter admitted in court to making millions of dollars from Chinese interests. The federal investigation into Hunter's crimes is ongoing. Can his father be trusted to tell the truth?

Bottom line: Words matter, and so does the truth.