CNN's Presidential Fact Checker Hasn't Fact-Checked Biden in Months

Daniel Dale
June 20, 2023

CNN senior presidential fact checker Daniel Dale rose to media fame for his obsessive focus on the statements of former president Donald Trump. Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, though, Dale seems to have lost interest in his main job.

Now: Ahead of Biden's inauguration, Dale stressed that "the same 'intensity and rigor' should be applied to the incoming president," with the only difference being that "Biden doesn't lie as much as Trump." And Dale's Twitter bio continues to advertise that he's all about "Fact-checking the president."

But the last time Dale fact-checked Biden was on March 30. For nearly three months now, Dale has exclusively fact-checked Republicans. Eighteen of those 29 fact checks have been of his old bête noire, Trump, who is running for president again.

Meanwhile, Biden has continued to tell plenty of whoppers.

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Then: By comparison, here are some of Trump's statements as president that Dale deemed in need of fact-checking.

Dale did not respond to the Free Beacon's questions about why he is MIA on his beat. But it isn't the first time.

Dale would hardly be alone in moving the journalistic goal posts since Trump left office.