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The Media's Misleading Math on Biden's Border Crisis

Border crossings are down—if you compare them with all-time highs achieved under this administration

May 16, 2023

White House Blocks New York Post Reporter From Rare Biden Event

Biden threatened in February that outlet would be cut off until it had 'more polite' reporters

May 8, 2023

The Left’s Favorite Pro-Renewable Energy ‘Watchdog’ Doesn’t Legally Exist

The Energy and Policy Institute, a critic of dark money in politics, is hiding its donors and all financial information

May 4, 2023

With No Cheat Sheet Handy, Sleepy Joe Prefers Softballs from C-List Celebs

The toughest 20 questions Biden has faced since the midterms (while avoiding the press and hastening the death of our democracy in darkness)

April 28, 2023