Chris Cuomo’s Very Bad, Very Dumb, Very Dangerous Defense of Violent Thuggery

CNN’s Chris Cuomo seems to think it’s okay to assault Nazis. He did not say so Monday night. Instead he strongly implied it throughout a five-minute monologue, in which he dredged up every canard justifying attacking Nazi protesters without actually saying it’s okay to attack Nazi protesters, all while maintaining that he was scandalized by the …

Five Idiotic Moments in the Most Recent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Interview

I can never thank enough the Democratic voters of New York’s 14th congressional district for giving us Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young Latina who stunned politicos by beating powerful Democrat Joe Crowley in the primary. Ocasio-Cortez’s win was greeted with enthusiasm by the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party, who hailed her as a rising star and a champion for democratic socialism

Jim Acosta Deserves His Own Show, Here Are 4 Bold Suggestions

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta is an American hero who puts his body on the line every day to defend our most cherished freedoms. Much like a firefighter who charges into a burning buildings to save children, Acosta protects the U.S. Constitution from the rhetorical flames of tyranny by shouting questions at public officials from the back of a crowded room.