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Ivy League Journalism School Hires Liberal Hack to Lead 'Ethics' Department

Katie Couric, notoriously unethical journalist, praised the move

January 2, 2024

Liberal Journalists Shame Hardworking Americans for Suffering Under the Biden Economy

'People's attitudes about the economy are pretty stubbornly in the wrong place'

December 5, 2023

Slouching Towards BethleMeme: Taylor Lorenz Explains the Internet

REVIEW: 'Extremely Online' by Taylor Lorenz

October 29, 2023

FLASHBACK: Washington Post Calls ISIS Terrorist 'Austere Religious Scholar'

Four years ago today, the 'democracy dies in darkness' crowd mourned the loss of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

October 27, 2023

From Shredded Abs to Shredding Zionists, WaPo Columnist Condemns Israel for Defending Itself

'We cannot stand by and watch Israel commit atrocities,' says Karen Attiah

October 16, 2023