Washington Post

Trump’s Dog Meme Has Media Howling

President Donald Trump's Wednesday tweet of a photoshopped image depicting him giving a military dog a medal elicited outrage and a slew of credulous reporting about the meme's origins.

WaPo Editorial Board Blasts Warren for Caving to Unions on Charter Schools

'The losers in these political calculations are the children whom charters help' (Updated)

The Washington Post editorial board blasted 2020 hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) Monday for her opposition to charter schools, accusing her of folding to teachers' unions and saying that children come out "losers" in her plan.

Washington Post: Elizabeth Warren Is a Modern-Day Frederick Douglass

Because of her 'selfies'

The media are rather obsessed with Elizabeth Warren’s obsession with taking “selfies” (NB: they’re not actually selfies) with supporters at campaign events. The Washington Post has taken that fixation to a whole new level by publishing an article that earnestly considers the question: Could Elizabeth Warren be the next Frederick Douglass?

New York Times Recycles Analysis on Iran

Both pieces quote extensively from Trump administration critics

Iranian President Hassan RouhaniThe New York Times recycled analysis of the Trump administration's claims of Iranian bellicosity, publishing two pieces just months apart raising questions about whether President Donald Trump's accusations against the Khamenei regime could be trusted given his tendency to stretch the truth.