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Media Ignore Report on Wuhan Lab Cited for Hazardous Coronavirus Research

Media have failed to update stories that dismissed lab scrutiny as 'conspiracy theory'

Many media outlets have ignored a new report showing American officials warned in 2018 that research at a Wuhan superlab could create a pandemic, even as they branded as conspiracy theorists any lawmaker who suggested a potential connection between the labs and the coronavirus outbreak.

PEN IS MIGHTY: Journalists to Award Themselves Bezos-Funded ‘Courage’ Award Named After Billionaire Heiress

Democracy thrives in hubris

The Washington Free Beacon regrets to inform you that the journalists are at it again. The White House Correspondents' Association, a pro-journalism activist group responsible for hosting the appropriately dubbed "nerd prom" dinner party, announced Friday the creation of a new journalism award for "courage and accountability."