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Hawley Challenger Suggests Republicans Are Like the Nazis Who Planned the Holocaust

Lucas Kunce in interview with Lincoln Project cofounder said he was running to keep 'bad people' out of government

November 7, 2023

How Penn's Anti-Semitism Controversy Could Make It Harder To Fire a Controversial Professor

The school has spent two years trying to oust Amy Wax for racist remarks. Now it's singing the praises of free expression, even for the most offensive speech.

October 25, 2023

Meet the Real Househusbands of the 'Squad'

While their wives rage against capitalism, they're getting rich

September 21, 2023

Mississippi Gubernatorial Hopeful Quietly Deletes Photo From Private Plane After Decrying Private Plane Travel

Brandon Presley suggested politicians who use private planes to campaign are not on 'the side of the people'

September 20, 2023

'Betrayal': How Biden Adviser Anita Dunn and SKDK Played Both Sides in Sexual Harassment Case

'I would question her on her values and integrity,' victim Alaina Hampton said

September 15, 2023