SCIENCE: Only 40 Percent of Liberals Are ‘Proud to Be American’


If you are a "solid liberal" in the United States, you are unlikely to be "proud to be American," according to a new Pew Research poll.

The Washington Post explains:

According to a new Pew Research Center study, only 40 percent of consistently liberal Americans say they often feel proud to be Americans.

The other 60 percent say that doesn't describe them. […]

By contrast, more than seven in 10 "steadfast conservatives" and eight in 10 "business conservatives" say they are generally proud to be Americans.

The poll results also show that only half of liberals see themselves as "typical Americans."

The poll also shows many liberals don't liken themselves to your average American. Just 51 percent say they feel as though they areĀ "typical Americans" — as compared to three-quarters of conservatives and at least two-thirds of all the other groups.