Bloomberg Analysis: Poorer Families Lose Under Sanders Plan

Taxpayers with employer-sponsored insurance also likely to pay more on Medicare for all

Most Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance and poorer families on Medicaid will come out on the losing end of Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I., Vt.) Medicare for all proposal.

Admin Halts Disability Dues Scheme

Regulation will no longer allow unions to take dues money from Medicaid checks

Seema VermaLabor organizations will no longer be allowed to skim dues money from the checks of Medicaid patients under new rules adopted by the Trump administration.

SCOTUS Declines to Hear Planned Parenthood Suit

Thomas condemns colleagues for dodging responsibility

Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court on Monday rejected a suit against a Louisiana Planned Parenthood affiliate due, Justice Clarence Thomas argued in a dissent, to an unwillingness to go near the political third rail of abortion.